Video Strategy

Backyard Media approaches video production with the goal of solving your problems. To do this, we create comprehensive video strategies that are designed with your goals in mind and unique for your specific needs.


Creating a video strategy involves more than simply shooting a video. Video is a powerful tool, but like any other tool, different types of videos have different uses. A hammer and a screwdriver are both tools, but they both serve very different purposes. Videos are no different and should not be used as a one-size-fits all solution.


When you work with us we will sit down with you and review your objectives that you are hoping to reach. Your strategy will often involve implementing multiple different videos that are designed to work together and complement the other videos in your strategy. This means every piece of content that you post is purposeful and designed to meet a goal, whether it's growing revenue, hiring new employees, increasing brand awareness, or automating certain elements of your business.